Welcome To The Concept Classes

The Concept Classes (A Venture of IITian) came into existence in the year 2019 when a three top most faculties Mr. M. Karim (MK Sir), Mr. Mahesh Jha (MJ Sir), Santosh Kr. Pathak (SKP Sir) decided to provide a platform for preparation of IIT JEE (Main and Advanced) and NEET entrance examinations, CBSE and Bihar Board an area of education which the city of Patna, was lacking in. It has proved to be a seat of Quality education and a blessing to the aspiring students, helping them to succeed in competitive examinations through different platform.

CONCEPT Team is a team and every member of the tram is vowed and dedicated for the cause of individual's qualitative development to achieve his mission in life. Strength of CONCEPT lies in its very strong efficient, experienced and fully devoted team of teachers. Our classroom teaching provides a very systematic and exhaustive coverage of the syllabus providing the students with best of education and information. Almost all our teachers are full timer and pay greater attention to post class discussion and solution of problems. Hearing to the problems of every individual is given and doubts are removed to their satisfaction.

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Why Concept Classes ?..

The CONCEPT serves the students with utmost sincerity just like a true guru , unique teaching empower the students to reach pinnacle of success. Concept value revolves truth , transparency and commitment. Whatever we commit We do. We also emphasis and care about Board examination and to help students to get best score in Board along with JEE,NEET Preparation.

Our Daily practice problem (DPP) system makes students profound of deep knowledge and understanding.Teacher and students open discussion help to clarify all doubts There is provision of peer learning program , parent teacher meet, regular PTM after internal test makes parent to make their ward special focus on preparation by shorting out all their problems.Any personalised attention on each students is unique feature of CONCEPT.

Our Faculties
Chemistry Faculty
Mr. M. Karim


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Maths Faculty
Mr. Mahesh Kr. Jha

IIT Kharagpur

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Physics Faculty
Mr. Santosh kr. Pathak

IIT Roorkee

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